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It’s hard to define when Janet’s journey started.

As a school girl and teenager Janet was a very happy, outgoing, confident, bubbly and independent person. In her early years she was involved in swimming and life saving and her's was that of a normal, happy young girl. Then, suddenly, at the age of 21, she suffered a life changing experience and lost her sight. Her world plunged into darkness and the contented life she knew vanished forever.

Janet Gray, aged just 21, had to adjust to the terrifying existence of a world of complete blackness and for the longest time it was battle of strength and will. Each day was a struggle to survive and each day was a struggle to exist.

Until Janet discovered the world of water skiing and her life was dramatically transformed! By hard work, sheer determination and love of the sport Janet reached the pinnacle of disabled water skiing by winning the World Disabled Championship in the three disciplines. (Slalom, tricks and jumps) and became the overall World Champion and World Record holder in all three disciplines. She was World Champion in 1999, 2001 and 2003.

But the year 2004 had other plans for Janet... the vagaries of life hadn't finished with Janet just yet and life took another turn in the guise of a steel jump ramp which Janet hit whilst water skiing at 40mph during winter training in Florida.

Such was the force of the impact that her survival was considered impossible but Janet’s strength and determination once again came into play and the faint signs of life turned into hope and despite sustaining multiple serious injuries Janet survived.

Doctors were highly skeptical about her chances of ever walking!  But they were dealing with a person who embodies determination and after three long, painful years of intensive rehabilitation and numerous surgeries she stunned the sports world by donning her water-skis once again.

The Journey was long and hard with many turns but to the astonishment of fans, family and experts Janet, once again, took victory at the 2007 World Disabled Water Ski Championships in Townsville, Australia.

Dr. Janet Gray M.B.E. A remarkable woman, a remarkable journey, and a remarkable symbol of courage, determination and hope.